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Template for Creating Cognitive Wrappers

Template created by Jose Bowen for creating cognitive wrappers. There are questions for multiple situations.  This should be short, so only select one or two of each type of question and tailor to your unique situation. For more on the rationale and research see

This template is based upon research by Marsha C. Lovett, (2013), “Make exams worth more than grades: Using exam wrappers to promote metacognition” in Using reflection and metacognition to improve student learning, Kaplan, m, Silver, N, Lavaque-Manty, D., Meizlish, D., ed. San Francisco: Sterling, VA: Stylus (with more math and science templates at and Mary-Ann Winkelmes (2013), “Transparency in teaching: Faculty share data and improve students’ learning” Liberal Education 99/2 (Spring 2013), 48-55.  See also Illinois Initiative on Transparency in Learning and Teaching, for

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