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Designing Courses

The Overall Course Design Process

Excerpt from Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses, Revised and Updated by L. Dee Fink

Steps in Integrated Course Design

Initial Phase: Build Strong Primary Components
  1. Identify important situational factors.
  2. Identify Important learning goals.
  3. Formulate appropriate feedback and assessment procedures.
  4. Select effective teaching and learning activities.
  5. Make sure the primary components are integrated.
Intermediate Phase: Assemble the Components into a Coherent Whole
  1. Create a thematic structure for the course.
  2. Select or create a teaching strategy.
  3. Integrate the course structure and the instructional strategy to create an overall scheme of learning activities.
  4. Develop the grading system.
Final Phase: Finish Important Remaining Tasks
  1. Debug the possible problems.
  2. Write the course syllabus.
  3. Plan an evaluation of the course and of your teaching.

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