Chair Feedback & Development Program

NEW! In partnership with IDEA Education, the Chair Feedback & Development Program combines a 180-degree assessment with a year of guided online professional development to help chairs and department heads like you succeed. By participating in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your leadership and management skills, improve your department’s culture and effectiveness, enhance your professional life and advance your career, and focus on individualized improvement strategies.

What’s included?



  • 10+ live, online events throughout the year, facilitated by Jossey-Bass authors and thought leaders in academic leadership
  • Library of 30+ on-demand workshops, with 15+ new ones added throughout the year
  • Supporting materials and additional resources

How it works:

First, take the IDEA Feedback System for Chairs to find your unique areas of strength and strategies for improvement. The System includes online administration of the Chair Self-Assessment and Faculty Perceptions of Chair instruments, and collection and analysis of data. The final Report provides data and information in the form of interactive tables and charts and concludes with an executive summary of strengths, recommended areas for improvement, and suggested resources for development.

Based on your results, you’ll receive a year of guided online professional development from Wiley Learning Institute, including recommended on-demand workshops, live online events with Jossey-Bass authors, relevant articles and book excerpts, and other academic leadership resources to help you focus on your areas for improvement.

This implementation guide walks you through best practices for using the Feedback System for Chairs and implementing a timeline and checklist.

Read more about how the IDEA Feedback System for Chairs can close the gap in chairs’ perceptions.

What you’ll learn:

The Chair Feedback & Development Program focuses on four major areas of responsibility:

  • Promoting positive culture
  • Administrative leadership
  • Faculty management & development
  • Department advocacy
And answers these questions:
  • How effective am I perceived to be?
  • What might I do to improve?

Who should be interested?

New department chairs as well as those with more experience. Directors, deans, and provosts will want to sign up all their department heads.

Duration: 1 year / 12 months (unlimited access to professional development)

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