Here’s what people are saying about our online workshops:

“This is a great format for learning.
It ran smoothly and was run professionally.”

Kelly Beischel, Faculty
Xavier University

“Wiley’s Learning Institute offers high quality courses
I’ve come to rely on for professional development.”

Sharon Levin, Faculty
University of Maryland, University College

“I love how we could connect with colleagues
from around the country – adds so many layers to the learning process.”

Jenny Hadingham, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
University of Rochester

“This workshop was perhaps one of the best this year. I have greatly
benefited, and so have my students from the Wiley Learning Institute!”

Maria Conforti, Faculty
Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne

“Participating in this webinar felt like I was right
there with the presenter only I had MORE access!”

Nancy Fire, Faculty Development Specialist
University of North Texas

“I’ve done some other online workshops/events and
this is the first one that I’m excited to learn more about.”

Tanya Matthews, Faculty
Cornish College of the Arts

“Wonderful opportunity to engage with experts,
while collaborating with others from all around
the world with the same goals and interests.”

Teresa Pugliese
University of Central Florida